A Note from Susan ...

Hey Horse Lovers!

Susan Kayne here, creator & host of Real Horse Rescues, a groundbreaking equine advocacy podcast where I interview the real rockstars in the equine community and give you tactical takeaways to get real with horses.

If you have ever dreamed of a horse to call your own, you are in the right spot. My goal with Real Horse Rescues is to deliver the know-how you need to begin your journey into a deep and meaningful relationship with horses. Insights to help you discover who horses truly are and how you can enrich your life with equine engagement.

Before Real Horse Rescues was even a thought in my head, the journey that led me hear began with Unbridled TV, an equine lifestyle series featuring the world's most fascinating and accomplished equestrians. The show earned the USEF Broadcast Media Excellence Award and multiple Telly Awards. Unbridled aired for ten years.

One thing I have learned from countless interviews is that horses will take you places beyond your wildest dreams. I haved lived with horses for as long as I can remember, and now I am directing all of my passion and energy to illuminate their inherent value and inspire  millions to experience for themselves pure joy of saving and loving horses.




The Idea of Real Horse Rescues ...

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Real Horse Rescues is an educational endeavor with the well-being and protection of equine at its heart. The Podcast is the audio evolution of the groundbreaking equine advocacy TV series of the same name which broadcast on ABC-WTEN. In the Podcast Series, host Susan Kayne will examine developments within the Equine Rescue Community, and explore the big questions at the center of Equine Welfare: Who are horses really, and how do we want to live with them?

Listeners will hear from Rescuers who are on the front lines of saving horses from slaughter, to Representatives and Advocates who are raising the bar in Washington D.C., to grant makers, to active stable owners, to community changemakers. Each guest will share the successes, surprises, challenges, and the reality of a day-to-day journey to create a kinder life for horses. Some you will know – others, you will be glad to meet.

From probing firestorm posts on facebook, to parsing industry practices’, to reframing the debate on horse slaughter, to comprehending the networking necessary to secure one sentient soul from certain death, to questioning what we do with horses, and why –  listeners will be privy to a trustworthy curation of stirring conversations.

We are committed to delivering meaningful content to redefine the true worth of horses, and to challenge the status quo; to inspire critical thinking, and to ignite a fresh dialogue that emboldens a new discourse on our ethical responsibility to our equine partners.