Becky Roy, Founder & President of Draft Gratitude in NH

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In this episode: Becky Roy, President and Executive Director of Draft Gratitude candidly shares the day-to-day reality of saving Draft Horses from slaughter. Roy has cared for animals throughout her entire life, in 2014 she founded Draft Gratitude. With the guidance of Sandy Rees at Get Fully Funded, Roy has solidified the young non-profit into a stellar resource for aged work Horses.  Without Roy, the Horse’s who are helped by Draft Gratitude would have otherwise vanished from the New England landscape they gave their lives to create.

If you love big Horses you are in the right spot! Roy’s quality care over quantity approach will help you effectively Champion for Drafts – one horse at a time.

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About the author, Susan

Susan Kayne is a lifelong Horse Lover, avid Equestrian, and dedicated Equine Advocate. She is a Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES) and she is the founder/CEO of Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation. In addition to Real Horse Rescues, she created the national award-winning TV series Unbridled TV, Ireland Unbridled, and ThoroTalent.

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