Getting Real Ready To Go Live

About a year ago, I had the mad idea to launch a Podcast. A Podcast to probe and parse what we do with Horses and why. For the past few months, I have danced all around the edges of the colorful conversations I imagined. A dialogue deep in meaning, yet relevant to our evolving social relationship with Horses. Candid talks to unmask our motives of choice, interaction, and activities with Horses. A bit of Horse fancy peppered with philosophy.

I want to get the heart of how a Human who claims to cherish a Horse so much as to bestow an individual name upon him or her, invest time, energy, and finances into care and training, and publicly profess to Love said Horse … can simultaneous be so duplicitous as to send the once beloved Horse away when he or she is no longer ‘useful’ or ‘productive’.

Most people have no idea that every year, 130,000 or so of America’s Horses are violently forced to die in Canada and Mexico. Horses from all walks of life. The United States Department of Agriculture calculated that 92.3 percent of the horses sent to slaughter are healthy and could complete a normal lifetime but for a place to call home.

Newly published research by the ASPCA suggests that 2.3-million individuals across America have a strong interest in Adopting a Horse. How is it that 1.2-million households exist with the means and capacity to Adopt a homeless Horse, and yet our Horses who would be deemed Adoptable are on a daily exodus to living hell? This is a disconnect that I hope Real Horse Podcast will serve to bridge.

The awesome Advocates that I have spoken with tell the real story of what is happening to Horses who are trafficked for meat. And, how one Horse at a time they offer redemption to right the unjustifiable wrongs.

Although the podcast launch has been fraught with myriad technical tornadoes that have delayed its debut day-after day … it is almost ready … for REAL! Our inaugural season is dedicated to featuring Equine Rescue Organizations who are focused on finding loving homes for Horses as they participate in the 5th Annual ASPCA #HelpAHorse Day Contest which runs through June 30th.

It is my sincerest wish that in this discourse the true worth of Horses will be illuminated, and that listeners will begin to see Horses for WHO they are – not just for what they can do for us.

About the author, Susan

Susan Kayne is a lifelong Horse Lover, avid Equestrian, and dedicated Equine Advocate. She is a Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES) and she is the founder/CEO of Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation. In addition to Real Horse Rescues, she created the national award-winning TV series Unbridled TV, Ireland Unbridled, and ThoroTalent.

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