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Cindy Prince | Pony Tales Rehab & Rescue

In this episode: Cindy Prince, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. in Colfax, Wisconsin shares her journey into Equine Rescue. “Learn how to listen to what life is trying to tell you” … is the gist of Cindy’s compelling tale from a scholarly course, to surviving a life-threatening prognosis, to the…

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Rhondavena LaPorte | Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary

In this episode: Rhondavena LaPorte, Founder and Executive Director of Serenity Farm Equine Sanctuary in Louisa, Virginia shares her journey into Equine Rescue. For 34 years, Rhondavena rocked it out as a Professional Educator in the Marine Corp. Now she uses her teaching know-how to supercharge an army of Volunteers to save the lives of abused,…

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Allyson DeCanio | The Pegasus Project

In this episode: Allyson DeCanio, President, and Executive Director of The Pegasus Project candidly shares each step of her journey with Horses, and the challenges of protecting them in the state of Texas. DeCanio co-founded the organization in 2009 with her husband, Mike who is a Captain for Southwest Airlines. Since its formation, DeCanio and her Team have…

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