Susan Kayne

Susan Kayne | Creator & Host 

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with Horses. If you are here, Horses have likely endeared your Heart. Welcome to my life <3!

I have been told that I was riding before I could walk. This must be true, because sitting atop a horse is the most natural place in the world to me. In the presence of Horses, I feel wholly alive with a rhythm of reverence and joy. I liken it to the sea coming home to shore.

My earliest memory is watching Canonero II win the 1971 Kentucky Derby. When that little Brown Horse from Venezuela crossed the finish line, I swear he ran out of the TV screen and straight into my soul. To this day, the magnitude of that experience is unbound by time. At a cellular level, somehow that moment is inextricably linked to my affinity for Bay Thoroughbreds. 

Horses have carried me to my greatest triumphs, from the achievement of personal bests, to celebrations in the Winner's Circle, to high jumps in the Show Ring. In victory and heartache, Horses have colored my world. But, loving Horses and looking after them solely for 'what' they can do for us is akin to a business partnership, not a real relationship, and surely not one based on unconditional love.

When I began to rescue Horses from the slaughter pipeline, the pain and suffering I encountered took me to places I would rather not go. Seeing the holocaust of Thoroughbreds in Kill Pens forced me to reconcile my own previous involvement in Breeding and Racing. When my memory revealed everything my eyes failed to see at the time I was enamored with the Sport Of Kings, I mourned for myself and for the many Thoroughbreds I had known whose whereabouts nobody seemed to know.

My quest to locate the missing shifted from "Where are they?" to "Why are so many being forced to die?" To questioning who are we as a people to purposefully bring a life into this world, name it, claim to love it, teach it to trust, celebrate it, invest time, energy and money into it, and then send it away to a gruesome death when it doesn't live up to our expectations. As the truth unfolded, and I replaced 'it' with 'he' or 'she' and 'that' became 'who' so began the transformation of my purpose and the long awaited validation of the visceral connection I had always felt with Horses but did not fully comprehend.

It took me decades to understand that the true worth of Horses lies not in 'what' they can do for us, but rather in 'who' they are as fellow sentient beings. It wasn't until I was finally beat up enough by life to set aside my agenda with Horses and get still enough to listen that I realized that Horses had been talking to me all along. I was just to busy to hear what they were saying.

When I acknowledged the 'who' of Horses, I discovered wise and compassionate guides who reunited me with my banished heart.  I believe this revelation is the beautiful blossom of the seed planted by Canonero II some forty years earlier-- why else wouldn't he let me be?

Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of introducing thousands of people to Horses, and the privilege of witnessing the ineffable affect of Horses to lighten the gravity of life with a single glance. 

Friends, there are tens of thousands of Rescued Horses across this country who are ready for adoption and they are searching for a person to call their own.

If you are ready to begin your journey to your truest self   -- listen to the inner Horse who is still tugging at your childhood heart ... he or she is manifest in a Real Rescued Horse who is waiting to bring you home.

XO, Susan

Leslie Trimble

Leslie Trimble | Outreach Coordinator, Social Media & Guest Relations 

Leslie grew up on horse farms in Maine, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Her love of horses began before she could walk or talk; starting her riding career before even 2 years old.  During her youth and teens, she was an active participant in the United States Pony Club and competed rigorously in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, and Mounted Games. With the help of Pony Club and her mother, whom is an instructor and trainer, Leslie was exposed to a range of clinics and instructors from across the East Coast.

In her late teens, a rescued injured Thoroughbred was placed in their farms care after falling through many hands who were unable to handle his recovery and upkeep. It was this bay Thoroughbred that sparked Leslies love and passion for the breed and for rescuing. In 2012 While studying Business Administration at The College of Charleston in South Carolina she completed a commodities paper focused on the Thoroughbred breed, the research for which opened her eyes to the realities of the equine industry, kill pens, and slaughter. During this time she realized she desired to take her life in a different direction and opted to take a job and relocate to Florida in 2013. There she obtained a live-in position in a stable which allowed her to spend time in the barn, take lessons, and ultimately board a horse of her own. Following her love for Thoroughbreds she spent weekends and days off volunteering at an Off the Track Thoroughbred rescue; resulting in her becoming the proud owner of her second Thoroughbred.

Briefly relocating in 2015 to her home state of Maine to pursue an interest in local, sustainable, and ethical farming she apprenticed on an organic farm. In 2017 after spending time along the East Coast farm sitting, riding, and working in stables Leslie took an internship position at Acadia Equine Rehabilitation in Colorado. It was here she expanded her hands on experience dealing with various injuries and ailments as well as acquiring broader knowledge from local vets, farriers, equine dentists, equine chiropractors and acupuncturists which she deemed valuable for her future endeavors in equine rescue and rehabilitation.

Following her time in Colorado she spent a month in India completing her Yoga Teacher Training certification. This prompted her to spend more time travelling and giving back; landing her in South Africa for three months volunteering with Blind Love, a Rescue and Outreach Program in the Free State. The programs focus on education sparked an interest in Humane Education as an integral part of animal welfare and rescue. Upon returning to US soil in 2018 she was sparked to bring together her passions for equine rescue, humane education, and the interconnectedness of our technological world. Now as a team member of the Real Horse Rescues Podcast she hopes to help spread valuable information related to equine rescue and welfare as well as bring positive changes to the equine industry as a whole.